1. Why not continue with Keluarga Iskandar Season 3? Why the need for a movie?
At the moment, we are unable to continue with Keluarga Iskandar Season 3 as the series’ copyright is held by Astro. What we can do now is a Keluarga Iskandar movie. But nothing is impossible. If our campaign is successful, we will try to persuade Astro to continue with Keluarga Iskandar Season 3 after this. So let’s all work towards making this campaign a huge success so that our dreams will become a reality!

2. Why don't you just sell Season 1 and Season 2's DVDs to raise funds for the movie?
Since Astro holds the copyright to Keluarga Iskandar, we cannot simply produce and sell DVDs of the series' previous seasons. What we can do is produce and sell merchandise and pre-sale movie tickets. But then again, nothing is impossible if this campaign is successful. Let's just try our best and hope for the best!

3. Can we just buy the merchandise without buying the whole package?
If you are not really a fan of Keluarga Iskandar but still want to help, or if you want to buy additional merchandise for yourself or your loved ones, you can just buy the merchandise on its own. Likewise if you are a returning customer who wants to get more stuff for yourself or your loved ones, you can buy as many as you wish without having to buy more than one pre-sale ticket. We make it easy for you to support us!

4. What is the difference between buying a package and buying a merchandise?
A package consists of two parts - the merchandise, which will be delivered to you within 4 to 6 weeks after you place your order, and the pre-sale movie 'ticket', which allows you to watch and/or download the movie on our website after it is available for general release, which is approximately 7 to 8 months after the campaign ends. Simply put, if you buy a package, you will also be able to watch the movie for free and 'own' the movie by way of legal download so that you can watch the movie again and again as many times as you wish. If you pay for just the merchandise, it doesn't come with a movie, so you will have to go to the cinema and pay for your ticket once the movie is released. Not only that, you will also need to pay for your ticket each time you wish to see the movie. Simply put, you can only enjoy Keluarga Iskandar The Movie at the cinema. If we don't reach our target and the movie is cancelled, we will return the amount paid for the pre-sale movie 'ticket' to those who have bought packages. If you purchase the merchandise only, no amount will be returned to you if the movie is cancelled.

5. Why do we need to buy our tickets in advance? Why not just wait until the movie comes out in the cinemas before buying?
Your support determines everything. The proceeds from this campaign will determine the fate of Keluarga Iskandar The Movie. Yes, of course you can just wait for the movie to come out in cinemas, but without sufficient sales now, there won’t even be a Keluarga Iskandar The Movie to be shown in cinemas. So by contributing to this campaign, you also have a huge role in its making – a role as big as the producer’s. By buying your ticket now, you’re helping us make Keluarga Iskandar The Movie a reality. And from as low as just RM17.90, you can watch this movie in HD format as many times as you wish, compared to watching it in the cinemas which only allows you one view per movie ticket bought.

6. What happens if we don’t reach our targeted sales?
The money you have paid for the movie portion of your package will be returned and the making of Keluarga Iskandar The Movie will be cancelled. Want to watch Keluarga Iskandar The Movie? Let’s ensure our campaign’s success!

7. The merchandise we ordered arrives in unsatisfactory condition. What do we need to do?
We always ensure that your orders are packed with the utmost care. But we also understand that accidents can still happen. Get in touch with us and we will arrange for a replacement to be sent to you.


8. How do we know when Keluarga Iskandar The Movie is ready for viewing?
We will e-mail you to inform you that Keluarga Iskandar The Movie is ready to be viewed on our website. You will be given a password to access this movie.



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